From Tasmania to the world since 1927

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The Neville Smith story is one of bush pioneering, human endeavour, technical achievement, and resolute vision; all intertwined with the adaptability to stay relevant over the course of nearly a 100-year business venture, to evolve into what is now one of Australia’s largest hardwood processing companies. 

James Neville Smith tours the Launceston Dry mill facility with Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

James Neville Smith tours the Launceston Dry mill facility with Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Family run since 1924, NSFP’s core business is processing and manufacturing high value appearance grade timber products for the interior design and home decor market. NSFP supplies both domestic and overseas markets with the finest in Tasmanian Oak flooring, architraves, mouldings, DAR products, and engineered flooring - distributed under the Abelwood and Woodsmith brands.

These businesses sit under the longstanding NSFP umbrella and operate with a collective goal of maximising the value of Tasmania’s most sustainable and renewable resource: regrowth Tasmanian Oak timber.

NSFP’s Tasmanian footprint consists of two individual forest and wood processing businesses, located at each end of the state in Tasmania, providing over one hundred jobs to the local economy. 

The purpose-built green mill, located in the Southern Forest (south of Huonville) is designed to process smaller regrowth hardwood logs, whilst the Millworks operation in the north of the state (Launceston) specialises in the drying, reconditioning and machining of the green timber sourced from the southern green mill.

Whilst Tasmania’s Oak resources are limited, NSFP’s enthusiasm and optimism for the future of this renewable Tasmanian resource is unlimited.

Through a commitment to innovation, design and value-adding, NSFP plan to grow the profile and value of Tasmanian Oak as well as the broader Tasmanian forestry community.

That’s a bright future every Tasmanian can look forward to.



The Beginning. Neville Smith opens a small business in central Melbourne; selling perfume, cigarette holders and sporting goods.

— 1924

The love with timber begins. Neville starts selling Victorian timber and the company acquires its first of three timber yards in South Melbourne.

— 1926

The business expands to Tasmania with the purchase of a timber yard in Launceston.

— 1927

NSFP supports worker’s rights during the Timber Workers Strike.

— 1929

Being a family, and team focused man, Neville was determined, and retained all of his staff through the Great Depression.

— 1930s

NSFP opens its first sawmill at Hoddles Creek near Melbourne.

— 1934

It’s three South Melbourne timber yards are overflowing, and the company regularly purchases sawmills’ entire outputs in advance.

— 1937

Opens the first Tasmanian mill at Forester.

— 1947

The company continues to expand and starts to import timber from South East Asia.

— 1950s

The focus of the business becomes the sawmilling, seasoning and processing of Victorian and Tasmanian hardwood.

— 1970s

The company is producing 33,040 cubic metres (14 million super feet) of timber products annually with demand consistently outpacing production.

— 1973

NSFP goes international, with a branch of the company beginning export of timber to Europe.

— 1970s

The company begins exporting timber to Japan, before expanding to Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and New Zealand.

— 1995

Neville Smith Timber Products (NSTP) is the largest hardwood sawmiller in Victoria and the second largest in Tasmania. The company directly employs over 250 people and has over 200,000 cubic metres of holdings in Victoria alone.

— 2000

NSFP is Australia’s largest regrowth hardwood producer and the only company to kiln dry (season) and value add its entire hardwood production of Tasmanian Oak.

— 2004

The business shifts their focus to Tasmanian Oak flooring, architraves, mouldings.

— 2012

Woodsmith Engineered Flooring range launches.

— 2018

Catastrophic bush fires Southern Tasmania.

— 2019

Acquisition of Morgan Timbers Dry Mill.

— 2019

Joint venture/partnership with Oakdale Timber.

— 2019

Melbourne Distribution Centre opens.

— 2019

NSFP employs more than 100 staff directly, and double that indirectly, being a strong driver for the Tasmanian and Australian economy.

— 2019