Hardwood Tasmanian Oak crafted by Abelwood

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Exceptional Tasmanian Oak products crafted deep in Tasmania’s southern forests since 1924.







More architects, builders and designers choose Abelwood Tasmanian Oak because of its durability, consistent grain and natural blond tones. 

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It perfectly complements the modern Australian design aesthetic and is trusted to perform year in, year out.

Abelwood Tasmanian Oak by NSFP offers the highest of finishes making it easy to lay and instantly ready for a range of decorative options to suit your home.

Every piece of Abelwood Tasmanian Oak is sourced from only sustainably managed and PEFC certified Tasmanian regrowth forests, giving you a beautiful natural product whilst protecting this unique Tasmanian resource for generations to come. 

Your home deserves only the best and the best is Abelwood Tasmanian Oak by NSFP.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

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Available at hardware stores or trade outlets.

NSFP Tas Oak Product Guide

Abelwood by NSFP Product Guide

Everything you need to know about Abelwood and Woodsmith products all in one place. Lookup ordering information, sizes, profiles and more.